Holiday Hand Lettering Workshop

Join us for a festive adventure where creativity knows no bounds with hand and iPad lettering. In this 3 day workshop, we'll guide you to create

-3 Christmas cards

-3 fun doodled envelopes

-2 charming gift tags

-1 stylish gift bag

-a rustic wood sliced ornament

10 Projects for $10
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Join Christie Live for the

Holiday Hand Lettering Workshop:


Tuesday, Nov. 28th @ 7 PM CST (iPad Lettering starts at 7:45 CST)

Wednesday, Nov. 29th @12 PM CST (iPad Lettering starts at 12:45 CST)

Thursday, Nov. 30th @ 12 PM CST (iPad Lettering starts at 12:45 CST)

Replays will be available for the remainder of 2023. Members will have access for the lifetime of their membership!


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